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A Bundle of Rope

It's a tool used for climbing various obstacles.

Canis Lutra
2 March 1987
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My hair is light brown on top, dark brown on bottom. It is past my chin. I have bold-framed glasses. My eyes are Grey-ish with a hint of Cyan. I am nearfar-sighted (a gift...or a curse?). I wear clothes. ^.^
I like to draw lotsa characters!
Sorry I don't have much to say...^^
I'm 6'7" 5'5" in case it makes any difference.
135 Ibs.
Oh, yeah, heh heh...I'm gay. =^_^=
If you don't wanna read the gay adventures of myself, then don't.

School has begun!

Animal Crossing DS Data:

Name: Rope
Town: Restora
Code: 5068-7598-9470

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Victoria is Love Your Mom

otters are marine mammal love

my pet!

I want to dream a dream of wonderfulness!